1. HI. I like pictures. I like taking them. I like looking at them. I like developing them.  I like photoshopping them.  What I like even more is when a picture has meaning behind it. Whether it’s a scene that makes you remember your favorite family vacation, a picture of that place where you hung out in high school, or someplace you’ve never been but are someday hoping to see for yourself; all pictures have meaning behind them.  We give them meaning simply by letting the photoreceptors in our eyes pick up their colors and send an electrical impulse to our brain.  Through this blog, all I want is for people to think. Hopefully, by thinking about the pictures, music, links, and quotes on my page, you, the reader, will gain a little bit of perspective into my life.  I also want to see what’s going on in yours.  Feel free to send me your photos/quotes/links/words of wisdom so I can put them up and let other people know who you are, and how you live.

    Here’s to having a good life, no matter what happens.

    -Steve Fuller

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